November 14th 2008:
Dezide has been awarded the highest credit rating, AAA

The credit rating company, Soliditet A/S, has awarded Dezide the highest possible credit rating, AAA, on November 13th 2008.  Only 5% of all Danish companies get this credit rating, and it implies that Dezide has the lowest possible risk of bankruptcy within the next 12 months - 0.2%.  This is of course good news for all Dezide's customers and partners, ensuring the future viability of Dezide's business even in the current financial crisis.


Product News


Dezide Portal Manager: highly comprehensive web-based management interface to configure and manage Dezide portals. Almost all aspects of a self-service or internal customer service portal can be controlled through this interface, such as bulletins, messages, feedback, users, skills, sections, FAQ's, guides, search engine, etc. In general this will make it much easier and less time-consuming to manage the Dezide service.

See a screenshot at the end of this message.


Dezide Virtual Assistant: graphical front-end "avatar" or "chat bot" that will communicate with the customer essentially simulating a normal customer service agent. Our Virtual Assistant is a step up from current solutions on the market since it will offer a deeper, multi-step dialog enabling it to help with more complex technical issues as well as the simpler ones. Furthermore the standard interface is based on videoclips recorded from real actors or photo models providing a much more attractive interface than the standard "cartoons" used in many places. The Dezide Virtual Assistant puts a human face to the intelligent Dezide guides.

Again, please see screenshot below.


Dezide Session Journal: a complete log of everything a customer or agent has done within the current session. The agent can ask the customer for the "journal id" listed in the bottom of the selfcare portal. When the agent types this in, he/she will be able to see everything the customer has done.


Dezide Report Generator: now that the new easily extensible framework is in place, we are continuing to add new reports, based on our experience of what is needed, and based on customer requests. Recently we have added reports for last steps (indicating where user leaves troubleshooting sequence), step answers (answers provided to steps), and an extended guide summary report.


Dezide Offline Troubleshooter: this product is now going out with HP ink jet printers around the world as part of HP Guided Solutions (tm). The tool collects printer configuration information from the PC and uses this to speed up the troubleshooting process. Please see screenshot below.

A special version of the Offline Troubleshooter with "expert mode" functionality for highly skilled users has also been developed. This gives the offline operator the same capabilities of overview and control that can be achieved in the online call center portal. We expect this to be a highly useful tool for field service engineers.





Dezide develops and sells software for self-service and knowledge sharing, based on the newest technology for problem solving and artificial intelligence. Dezide was established in 2001, and is based in Denmark. Dezide has customers in Denmark, the US, Japan, Switzerland, Iceland, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, etc. For more information about Dezide, see





Dezide Portal Manager. General configuration of portal parameters.



Dezide Virtual Assistant.  3 screenshots of various videoclips of this character.


Sample report screenshot.


Screenshot of HP Troubleshooter.



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